Welcome to September [Setting Goals]

GOSH!! I hate how fast this year is flying. Honestly, it's moving so fast that I feel like I'm standing still instead of moving along with it. That's not necessarily a good feeling to have, especially when you had goals and plans for this year, and you'd thought you be in another place right now.

I know I did. Both physically, financially and mentally.

When I started this site, I had the most BASIC vision of where I wanted it to go. The more I research and learn, the more clear my vision and my message becomes to ME. I know that this journey isn't about ME. It's still not 100% solidified yet and perhaps that's where my perfectionism comes in - waiting for it to be 100%. It may never be 100% but 50% is a better start than 0%. So I'm continuously working on it.

My first major move, as I'm getting more clarity in my journey, is shouting out my goals for the month, and building accountability. So here it is:

september goals + image inspired by @mattieologie from mattieologie.com

september goals + image inspired by @mattieologie from mattieologie.com

What are  your goals for the month? They don't necessarily have to do with blogging, but we all want to accomplish something and get better in at least one area. Share your plans in the comments below or share them on my facebook page or on twitter so I can encourage you as well!!

Let's get it!