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Thanks for visiting SheIsKelechi.com. Please know that I value you and your privacy.

First things first. When I mention "I" or "me", just know that I'm talking about myself, and She Is Kelechi. We are one and the same at the very moment.


The site does gather general data from everyone who visits – but none of this information is specific to you, and it’s never, ever shared with outside parties. It's pretty much for analytics to see how I'm doing. E-mail addresses that I collect on this site for subscriptions or courses are kept safe. I will not, for any reason, give your name, email address, or any other information you offer me to another soul. I'm not sure why I would need to, but if for some small 0.0001% reason I'll need to, I'll definitely get your consent from the start.


All posts on this site comes from my head, unless I state otherwise...and I always will. There may be times when a nice, awesome person comes on and shares some of their insights, but I will give a heads up when the words on the site are not mine. If I don't mention it, then it's all me. If you think the content on this site has been used inappropriately (like, maybe you think I "stole it" from someone), let me know at boutloudblog{at}gmail{dot}com and I can verify the information for you. Inspiration comes from many sources, so I will always reference back the the original source if I use something that's not 100% my brain child. 

Affiliates + Sponsors

As of right now, She Is Kelechi is only an Amazon.com affiliate partner. Meaning that if you click on the shop link or image from my site, and make a purchase,  I will most receive a small percentage of sales. Other programs that I may hype up on this site are only because I want to. Not for any monetary gain. If I do decide to participate in more affiliate programs later on down the road, you will be the first to know. But right now, content is the most important aspect of this site, so I'm not dealing with affiliates right now.

Along with that, content is number one. I will always let you know if a post is sponsored, or if an item has been gifted to me. If I do decide to partner, I will only partner with brands or accept advertising that I would write about and utilize without being paid to do so. This also goes for gifted items and beauty samples. Complimentary items do not mean they’ll be featured unless I love them; they need to make the editorial cut to be featured. In other words, I won’t say I love it or use it if I really don’t. I put that in there to cover my basis, but I'm not really about that product review life. That's not what She Is Kelechi is about. But, like I said, I'll let you know.


She Is Kelechi allows all comments and your comments are yours. But, by leaving a comment, you're giving me the right to store, transmit, display, use, publish, reproduce, and distribute your comments in any format, including but not limited to a blog, in a book, in a presentation, in a class, or in a video. Inappropriate or spam-type comments will be deleted, as well as extremely offensive comments too. There's no need for all that.


Developing content for She Is Kelechi isn't too hard or that easy. I appreciate and encourage any content you would like to share, however please link back to the specific post, because I'd do the same. If you see your content here that is not linked, please let me know. I make sure I always find the original source and will happily link back to you (or remove the photo, if that’s your preference. I just require the same courtesy


You contact me at boutloudblog{at}gmail{dot}com if you’re interested in collaborating, advertising or sponsoring a post-make sure you put [work with me] in the title. I don't sell text links or guest posts, however I'm open to working with you on a post about your brand written from my point of view.

Thanks again for visiting! Please email or comment anytime if you have any questions, or if there’s anything else you’d like to see. Any of the social media platforms below are a good place to reach me, too!