I am Kelechi

And this is my Rabbit Hole Experience.

When I first decided to start a blog, I spent about a year researching everything I could about starting a blog on pinterest before I actually started one. I set up a free site on blog.com and wrote a little here and there. But something didn't click. I felt too much pressure to be perfect. So after a few weeks and fasts, I let it slide away from me to do more research. It wasn't until November 2014 that I decided to buy a domain and start a real blog. On wix. **Whatever**Anyway, I started writing and I didn't get much or any traffic, primarily because I didn't tell anybody that it was there. I felt like it had to be aesthetically and intellectually perfect before I drove people to it. And it wasn't the kind of platform that you could share easily on social media. Again, I let perfection get the best of me and decided to take a course early 2015.

Fast forward, I've taken every blog and social media course under the sun. I've downloaded all the checklists, watched all the webinars, subscribed (and just recently unsubscribed) to all the blogs that teach blogging. I've had so many ideas and let them fall away because I tried to sound like the "gurus" out there. None of it has worked for me. And that's because I wasn't following my heart. Just their advice. Or their style. I thought I could write like a coach or something, but I'm not that. I don't fancy myself a teacher. 

All I know is that I've always wanted a way for people to understand me, without having to explain myself verbally. And I've come across a lot of good stuff in all my years of research. I've learned a lot, and every time I get to something, I find something new to explore. Hence, my rabbit hole experience. And I want to share it, here. So that's what this is.

So this is a pretty unconventional about me page but it's an unconventional blog about...whatever. I realized, trying to do what everyone else is doing doesn't work for me. All I can do is what my heart wants and see where it goes. Are you ready for it? Because I believe I am, finally.